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M Series - condensate recovery units

Amarinth M Series condensate recovery units are manufactured solely by Amarinth Ltd. The units perform a critical role in the overall system recovering condensate, ensuring that the maximum latent energy is retained. They are typically used in industrial buildings such as factories and hospitals. M Series condensate recovery units are compact and incorporate a control panel and a Amarinth low NPSH pump.

M Series compact condensate recovery unit
General description
Compact packaged condensate recovery unit incorporating a vertical galvanised receiver with single close coupled motor pump and control gear pre wired ready for use
Steel receiver with integral control unit and pump
Design methodology
Advanced computer techniques including 3D modelling, FEA & CFD
Design pressure rating
Vented operation
Temperature rating
120°C (standard construction)
Operating temperature
Up to 98°C
Performance envelope
Flow rate
Up to 2,000kg/h
Differential head
Up to 35m
Up to 3600 rpm
Control gear
Float operated magnetic level switch linked to control panel
Simplex unit
Design life
20 years (2 years uninterrupted operation)


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