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Support contracts

Amarinth are pleased to offer our customers support contracts to out source the management of your pump assets to our fully qualified personnel.

Amarinth staff providing technical assistance on site.

Out sourcing to save you money

In today's modern world more and more companies are looking at out sourcing as a cost effective way to manage their assets. Amarinth work with our customers to tailor a package that meets your requirements. Contracts can be set up for any kind of assistance and would typically include the following:

Up time management of your pumps - give Amarinth the responsibility for making sure your pumps are operating 100% of the time you need them to.

  • Spare parts guarantee - We can guarantee to provide spare parts to you within an agreed timescale or you get the part for free
  • Spare parts locator - We are often asked, normally by our overseas customers, to source other manufacturers spare parts or pumps. Let us use our network of suppliers to source all your spare part components.
  • Technical support - we can provide technical support for your pumps 365 days a year if required. Our technical experts will assess the problem and provide advice when you want it.
  • Regeneration register - we hold details of parts our customers no longer need. Many of these parts are as new and we can offer these to our customers as an alternative, quick an low cost replacement whilst generating revenue for the company who currently own the excess stock.

Fixed term contracts to suit your requirements

If you decide you would like to talk to us about out sourcing your pump maintenance we typically offer a 12 month service contract which can be altered to suit your exact requirements. Call our sales engineers on +44 (0)1394 462 120 to arrange a consultation and quote - it could save you money!

Using the experts to reduce your operating costs

One of the major causes of seal failure is incorrect installation. When a pump is installed it should be professionally aligned to ensure minimal wear on the seal faces. Amarinth can provide qualified engineers to assess your operating environment and work with you to formulate a cost reduction plan. Our engineers have laser alignment equipment to ensure your pumps are correctly aligned

Our trained staff can advise on improving working practices to help the pumps operate more efficiently, or set up routine checks to help plan maintenance rather than react to the problems as they occur.

If you would like to find out more about how out sourcing can save you money, call us on +44 (0)1394 462 120 to arrange an appointment for an engineer to visit.