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Technical knowledge database


Engineering toolbox

NSS & NS calculator spreadsheet

Calculate a pumps specific speed (ns) and suction specific speed (nss) using our free downloadable spreadsheet


Technical bulletin

Amarinth Plan 53B scalable, configurable Automatic Top Up Units delivered on short lead-times

Amarinth Automatic Top Up Units (ATUs) enable the automatic refilling or topping up of Plan 53B barrier systems to maintain a constant barrier fluid supply through the seal system to the shaft seal

Technical benefits of Amarinth API 610 11th edition VS4 Sulpur Vertical Pump

Amarinth explains why their modular design steam jacketed VS4 sulpur pump has technical benefits

Amarinth discusses nutshell filters

Amarinth explains modelling fluid behaviour to assist with designing low shear nutshell filter API 610 pumps

Amarinth spares for Girdlestone 910 and 920 pumps

Amarinth explains reverse engineering pitfalls and re-engineering benefits for Girdlestone 910 and 920 pumps

A guide to 3.1 and 3.2 material certification

Amarinth describes the differences between pump documentation inspection certificate types

Self-priming pump options

Amarinth explores the traditions of self-priming pumps and compares Amarinth products to traditional self-priming methods

Testing procedures API 610 11th edition

Amarinth guidelines on understanding the changes to testing procedures between API 610 10th and 11th editions

Compare API 610 VS4 to VS1

Amarinth explores when to consider using an API 610 VS4 vertical pump instead of an API 610 VS1

A guide to Dual NACE

Amarinth explore the confusion surrounding the term Dual NACE, and how it has been applied historically to the pump industry.

Shaft stiffness in API 610 11th edition

API 610 11th edition defines standardised method for calculation of overhung pump shaft flexibility.

API 682 plan 53B and plan 74 comparison

API 682 plan 74 can often be a lower cost alternative to an API 682 plan 53B, using inert gas at the seal face as opposed to the process fluid.

Tropicalistion of pumps

Interpreting pump 'Tropicalisation' definition and the challenges faced by pump manufacturers to design equipment that can operate reliably in high temperature and humidity environments.

Winterisation of pumps

Interpreting pump 'Winterisation' definition and the challenges faced by pump manufacturers to design equipment that can operate reliably in hostile environments and withstand extreme low temperatures.

API 610 performance curve criteria for VS4 vertical sump pumps

Selecting the right pump for the duty for VS4 vertical sump pumps and avoiding potential confusion if not clear where the duty datum is calculated from.

Filtering on vertical pumps

Considering potential filtration options for bearing lubrication where it is critical that the bearings do not run dry.



ATEX - in the zone

A guide and detailed look at what ATEX means to pump users and pump manufacturers



Calculating safe NPSH(a)

Things to consider when designing a process system & providing a mump manufacturer with an NPSHa limit



Re-engineering - an alternative to pump replacement?

An explanation of Re-engineering and how it can be used to improve historic designs using modern technology, plus how it differs significantly from Reverse Engineering


Curve evaluation guide

API 610 - pump selection & curve evaluation guide

An explanation of the preferred, rated and allowable operating regions of a pump curve and evaluating the performance curves to select the right pump for the duty.


Site diagnostics

Pump site diagnostics report

Complete this report and return it to us to help us get a better picture of what is happening to your pumps on site

Site visit & recommendations report

Site engineers report format for completion & return to Amarinth after visiting a customers site