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Amarinth proposed titanium alloy for all wetted parts accepted by Cumberland for sodium hypochlorite application pumps

ADMA-OPCO required 4 sodium hgypochlorite dosing pumps for the Umm Lulu platform offshore Adu Dhabi



Amarinth deliver complex skid package including API 610 OH2 pump with additional safeguards on short lead time for National Oilwell Varco

Amarinth engineering agility designs bespoke sliding baseplate with complex pipework skid package solution to pre-defined footprint for offshore Mariner

Amarinth design API 610 OH2 pump with Plan 53B and innovative acoustic hood for Offshore platform in Qatar on 28 week deadline.

Strict health and safety noise limits give rise to an Amarinth ergonomically designed bespoke baseplate, with fitted acoustic enclosure over the wetted end of the pump with full access.



Amarinth provide tight budget and short lead time API 610 OH2 pump solution to Zubair oil field in southern Iraq.

Amarinth provide a cost effective, short lead time alternative to a traditional Plan 53B seal support system by designing a bespoke Plan 65A for 12 off API 610 OH2 pumps, SOC Iraq.



Amarinth design a bespoke API 610 VS4 sump pump with integral line bearing temperature monitoring

Amarinth assist GASCO to overcome historical problems with API 610 VS4 pumps with raised temperatures on line bearings by supplying an innovative and integral line bearing monitoring system.

Amarinth provide ADMA-OPCO with self-priming sea water pumps using innovative vacuum technology for remote operation

Amarinth send equipment to the SARB Project oil field 200km Northwest of Abu Dhabi designed to add an additional 100,000 barrels per day of oil to the UAE production capacity.

Amarinth designs low shear gas powered API 610 OH1 pump skid package for Petronas Semarang EOR scheme

Amarinth design a unique solution for Petronas to extract additional oil from ageing offshore assets in Malaysia.

Amarinth delivers API 610 OH2 pumps for Enhanced Oil Recovery process to extract additional reserves from the North Sea Alder field

Amarinth deliver API 610 OH2 pumps to extract the remaining reserves from the Alder field in the North sea as part of the UK government announced Brownfield Development Programme.

Amarinth provide technical solution to NPCC and supply API 610 VS4 and OH2 pumps in the ADCO operated Bab Thamama field.

Amarinth provide a superior technical solution to ADCO which delivers a significant saving in capital and through-life costs.



Amarinth supplies super-duplex API 610 pumps for use in the Petronas operated Kebabangan field.

Amarinth's out-of-the-box thinking enables API610 OH2 pumps to be delivered to the Petronas operated Kebabangan field on-time.

Amarinth delivers responsive aftercare to ZADCO for the commissioning of new bearing flush monitoring system.

Amarinth design and manufacture a bespoke flow detection system with automatic shut-down for new API 610 VS4 Pumps for ZADCO

Amarinth undertakes three-way consultation project to develop small footprint pump and seal support system for Quad 204 FPSO.

Amarinth successfully delivers API 610 OH2 super duplex pumps to the Quad 204 FPSO and is then recommended by BP to Hyundai Heavy Industries to supply API 610 VS4 pumps.

Amarinth design uprated API 610 pumps on innovative baseplate for ADMA-OPCO on the ZCSC De-mothballing Project.

Amarinth design new innovative base plate to support ADMA-OPCO on the de-mothballing project at the Zakum Central Super Complex which allowed for new API 610 OH2 pumps to fit within the platform without any alterations to the connecting pipe work.



Amarinth's integrated end-user approach delivers significant cost and time savings to ADCO for its Sahil, Asab & Shah Full Field Development project.

Amarinth's previous experience of supplying API 610 pumps for the Sahil, Asab & Shah Full Field Project for ADCO and its awareness of the client technical specifications ensured the contract was delivered on time with controlled cost management.

Amarinth's forward planning and close working relationship with Cyclotech Limited ensures savings in cost and time on project.

Amarinth's experience in recognising the cost of change during a project contract life cycle ensures all specificaitons are fully addressed during detailed customer 'kick-off' meeting.

Amarinth designs bespoke 13m VS4 pump for Kumul Oil Platform project

Amarinth designs bespoke 13m VS4 open drain pumping solution for Kumul Oil Platform ‘Topside’ rejuvenation project located in the Gulf of Papua

Amarinth identifies critical discrepancies in process temperature affecting NPSH saving INEOS the cost of replacement pumps

Amarinth quickly identified that the design integrity of the pumps had been compromised and that there were critical discrepancies in the process temperature affecting the NPSH.

Amarinth provides 40 centrifugal pumps with innovative design features for the Artlant Mega PTA plant

Amarinth provides 40 centrifugal pumps with innovative design features for the Artlant Mega PTA plant in Portugal



Amarinth provide low shear centrifugal process pumps with innovative document management and over-the-web witness testing

From initial enquiry, through management of contractual documentation approvals, and then witness pump testing over the web, Amarinth use modern technology to ensure rapid delivery of API 610 pumps to Larsen & Toubro in India

Looking back at the rapid growth of Amarinth in the pump industry

Mike Williams of Digistep Ltd , an independant inspection consultancy, looks back at the rapid growth of Amarinth from the eyes of a visiting inspector



Amarinth’s web document management system ensures urgent API 610 project is delivered on time including all supporting documents

Amarinth's new & innovative web based documentation system ensure a speedy delivery for two API 610 booster pumps by keeping on top of contractual; documentation approvals and providing Calder & their end user access to the latest documents 24 hours a day.

Confidence & business grow rapidly with Maersk as Amarinth proves its credentials in the offshore API 610 pumping environment

Maersk were one of the first companies to purchase spares from Amarinth when it started up in 2003. Now, seven years later Amarinth have upgraded & supplied a number of new pumps to platforms in the North Sea and have recently won a single source supply agreement for replacement Girdlestone spare parts.

Amarinth assists Galfar in supplying API 610 VS4 vertical sump pumps to ADCO to create environmentally friendly closed drains system

Amarinth assist Galfar supply ADCO a cost effective solution for ten VS4 sump pumps which feed OH6 high speed, high head pumps instead of using multi stage in-tank pumps. The solution was to make the existing burns pits more environmentally friendly.

Amarinth delivers API 682 Plan 53C technology to ensure reliable seal performance against tight deadlines & stringent DEP specifications

Amarinth assist Petreco Process Systems with upgrade to the Auk Alpha Shell platform in the North Sea supplying a compensating seal support system commonly known as an API Plan 53C & explains the reasons why this was chosen.

Amarinth keeps critical cooling process running aboard HMS Albion with it's N Series close coupled pumps

Amarinth replace existing Girdlestone 920 motor pumps for Radar cooling system aboard HMS Albion, using it's own hydraulically & dimensionally interchangable N Series close coupled pumps

Amarinth deliver cost effective process improvement project through its unique ability to interchange with Girdlestone Pumps

Amarinth assist British Sugar PLC with a process improvement project saving over £10K. by upgrading two existing Girdlestone Pumps and offering two idential Amarinth C Series pumps which are hydraulically & dimensionally interchangable



Amarinth deliver high specification, low NPSH API 610 pumps on short leadtimes to Cyclotech for FPSO Espirito Santos

Amarinth supplies low shear API 610 pumps to minimise any emulsification of the oil and water before it enters the filtration units on FPSO in BC-10 deep water field development in the Campos Basin offshore Brazil

Amarinth refurbishes API 610 pumps for Apache with tungsten carbide coating

Amarinth assist Alderley Systems Ltd refurbish two API 610 OH2 pumps when engrained sand in the well caused excessive erosion for Apache in the North Sea Forties field

Amarinth replace Girdlestone pumps at BFS fertilizer plant without disrupting pipework or baseplates

Amarinth help BFS upgrade their old Girdlestone URF pumps after 32 years of service by installing the new replacement Amarinth U Series equivalent which slots straight in without pipework modifications.

Amarinth supplies low shear centrifugal pumps for use in hydrocarbon separation module in Loango field off Congo

Amarinth supply API 610 OH1 B Series centrifugal pumps for low shear application on hydrocarbon separation module for FLSmidth

Amarinth develops innovative API 610 vertical sump pump to guard against environmental damage in BTC pipeline

Amarinth design bespoke API 610 VS4 vertical sump pump to operate in sub zero weather conditions. The design included a special arrangement for dismantling the 10m long pumps, inside a 3m high building.

Speedy visit by Amarinth to the Britannia field enables OSPAR equipment commissioning to proceed to plan

Amarinth commission OPSAR pumps with VSD drives on Britannia rig 130 miles north-east of Aberdeen. AMEC were very impressed with the quality & responsiveness of the Amarinth off-shore engineer.



Amarinth refurbishes existing Girdlestone pumps to make them fully ATEX compliant and provide a new lease of life

D1 Oils aquired a number of old Girdlestone pumps which they wanted upgraded to ATEX compliance for their new bid fuel production facility. This was seen as the best overall solution to utilise the existing assets & minimise costs & disruption.

Amarinth supplies DONG Energy with API 610 OH2 pumps for the environmentally friendly disposal of produced water

Amarinth supply three API 610 OH2 pumps complete with 355kW motors driven by variable speed, to help DONG Energy pump their produced water and control their water injection pumps in the Siri field in the North Sea

Amarinth delivers high alloy API 610 OH2 A Series pumps for prestigious processing project in the UAE

Amarinth and Nama join forces to supply alloy 825 API 610 OH2 process pumps on short delivery for Habshan Gas Complex Expansion in the Middle East. The solution involved extensive NDT & NDE including radiography, type 3.2 certification and PMI

Amarinth delivers high alloy API 610 VS4 V Series vertical sump pumps for prestigious processing project in the UAE

Amarinth and Nama join forces to supply hastelloy and alloy 825 API 610 VS4 vertical sump pumps to a very demanding pump performance criteria on short delivery for Habshan Gas Complex Expansion in the Middle East. The end user subsequently orders a further three pumps for the same project.

Aker FloatingProduction - Amarinth design & supply API 610 OH2 pumping solution for innovative Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel

Amarinth design and supply four API 610 OH2 A Series process pumps complete with API 682 plan 53A seal support systems for innovative SMART FPSO built by Aker Floating Production & leased to Reliance Industries for use in the MA field in the Bay of Bengal

An innovative compact API 610 pumping solution from Amarinth gets Opus out of a tight squeeze

Amarinth supply NORSOK compliant API 610 OH1 B Series process pumps for installation in Opus Maxim's Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) upgrade for use in the Danish Sector of the North Sea

Amarinth turns the most problematic pump at Polimeri Europa into its most reliable

One year on, Amarinth continue to work with Polimeri Europa to make further design enhancements to the agglomerate pumps using FEA analysis. "The pumps have now run for 6 months without cleaning & labour costs are down by 85%" advised Andrew Maxwell



DONG Energy - Amarinth’s speedy response for pump spares keeps the oil flowing in Danish sector of the North Sea

Amarinth supply spare parts for Girdlestone pumps on an extremely tight lead-time & win a large pump order on the back of their performance.

PALL Corporation - Amarinth work with PALL Corporation and enable Shell to meet OSPAR regulations in the North Sea

Amarinth manufacture high alloy NACE compliant C Series pumps with Protect System seal support systems to complete a filtration package enabling Shell to achieve OSPAR compliance in the North Sea

Wood Group - Amarinth deliver low NPSH pumping solution enabling Triton FPSO to meet OSPAR regulations

Amarinth manufacture B Series low NPSH API 610 compliant process pumps enabling Amerada Hess to achieve OSPAR compliance on the Triton FPSO in the North Sea

Pakistan Petroleum - Amarinth adopt new seal technology for demanding LPG application at Pakistan Petroleum

Amarinth deliver 10 off API 610 process pumps incorporating John Crane laser faced seals to the Adhi Gas Processing Plant II to handle Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) at high suction pressures

ScottishPower – Amarinth and Hayward Tyler keep the energy flowing

Amarinth supply a dimensionally interchangeable vertical sump pump to ScottishPower's combined cycle gas turbine power station near Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. ScottishPower were so pleased the proceeded to buy a second pump!

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust - Amarinth performs painless replacement of fractional motor pumps

Amarinth have designed a clever modification to old Girdlestone condensate recovery pumps using fractional motors. Amarinth's solution involves a low cost modern metric motor & requires no changes to system pipe work.



Axsia Serk Baker - Amarinth delivers an elegant solution for their nutshell filtration system

NATCO choose Amarinth so supply C Series process pumps with open impellers to operate its nutshell filter package which treats oily water produced during the processing of oil and gas in a sour hydrogen sulphide environment.

BP Exploration and Production - Amarinth upgrade poorly performing API 610 pump and increase reliability ten-fold

Amarinth refurbish & upgrade existing API 610 pump on one of BP Exploration's FPSO's in the Schiehallion oil field in just 6 weeks. BP were so pleased they ordered a replacement for the standby pump an have not had any further problems with either pump.

Polimeri Europa - Amarinth optimises pump design to prevent clogging of latex agglomerate

Amarinth work closely with Polimeri & John Crane to design a centrifugal pump to pump latex agglomerate without requiring constant dismantling, cleaning & reassembly after each batch. Reliability improved by a factor of 15!

Spirax Sarco - Amarinth designs Ci-Nergy, the standard variable speed condensate recovery unit

Amarinth's Ci-Nergy variable speed condensate recovery unit is developed for Spirax Sarco, world leaders in steam management, to deliver significant operating cost savings and a compact space saving design using pressure sensing to manage condensate return rates to the boiler.

Amarinth seals the leak for BP Chemicals with an innovative re-engineered one piece volute and suction cover

Amarinth use re-engineering techniques to upgrade an existing Girdlestone pump component and make their part interchangeable with the original, providing BP Chemicals an elegant cost effective solution, without having to use reverse engineering.



MAS East help Amarinth achieve ATEX product compliance

MAS East support Amarinth to help us achieve ATEX product compliance by using specialist consultants, Designplus (Engineering) Ltd

Web enabler - seamlessly linking the web page to a manufacturing system

Amarinth's web solution for linking your back office 123MRP system to your web page. Allow your customers to place orders, check stock & prices, and track the progress of their order via your web page. All with minimal manual intervention.