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Chemical process pumps

ISO 5199 - C Series chemical process pumps


Amarinth ISO 5199 : 2000 C Series chemical process pumps are designed and manufactured for a number of applications including chemical processing, caustic transfer, condensate extraction and produced water duties. The pumps are typically found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, though they can be easily modified for petrochemical applications such as fuel transfer. C Series pumps are designed for low NPSH applications and all have independently verified, full ATEX compliance.

C Series long coupled ISO 5199 heavy duty chemical transfer pump designed & manufactured by Amarinth.

Using modern computer aided design software the pumps are specifically designed as a heavy duty, minimal wear, long life pump which has be designed in a modular way, with a number of options available, to ensure full compliance to the customers exact requirements and specifications. A heavy duty baseplate helps achieve low vibration and noise levels which in turn extends the pump's life and ensures maximum running time.

The pumps can be fitted with a variety of proprietary components (i.e. seals, motors & couplings) from all the major manufacturers to cater for customers site preferences. Pumps using double mechanical seal arrangements can be fitted with a seal support system attached. This can be supplied by Protect System, which is designed and manufactured by Amarinth, or another manufacturer's seal support system can be fitted.

To complete the package a full range of standard material options from cast iron and stainless steel, to super duplex and hastelloy are available to match your process fluid. NACE & NORSOK compliant materials are also available. Standard documentation packs including manufacturing data books, material certification, installation & operating manuals are available to suit the application. Performance testing to BS EN 25199 / ISO 5199 and various NDE (non destructive examination) & NDT (non destructive testing) options are offered to ensure full compliance to our customer's specifications. Alternative bespoke packages can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

General description
A range of single stage centrifugal end suction process pumps with centreline discharge manufactured in a variety of alloys and interchangeable with Girdlestone 900 series pumps.
Back pullout design with metal to metal fits
Design methodology
Advanced computer techniques including 3D modelling, FEA & CFD
Design standards
  • ISO 5199 : 2002
  • ATEX EC-Directive 94/9/EC
Design pressure rating
20 bar g @ 20°C
Suction pressure rating
  • 16 bar g (long coupled)
  • 3.5 bar g (close coupled)
Temperature rating
  • -40°C to 200°C (long coupled)
  • -40°C to 250°C (long coupled with heat sink & fan)
  • -5°C to 120°C (close coupled)
Performance envelope
Flow rate
Up to 1100m³/h
Differential head
Up to 225m
Up to 3600 rpm
  • Long coupled pump
  • Close coupled pump
  • Bareshaft pump
  • Rotating assembly
Frame sizes
040x025x145 to 300x250x510
Design life
20 years (2 years uninterrupted operation)

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