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Chemical process pumps

ISO 5199 - T Series tank top sump pumps


Amarinth understand that the documentation for our pumps is as important as the pump we supply. We have identified three levels of documentation package that we offer as standard aimed at matching the level of documentation to the application for the pump:

Documentation packages
  • Bronze pack - comes as standard with each order
  • Silver pack - includes actual test results and GA drawings along with Type 2.2 certification
  • Gold pack - is aimed at customers with high specifications for their pumps. Type 3.1 certificates for major components are included along with a variety of contract management and technical datasheets

The table below lists all of the documents contained within each pack. You can download typical documents from the Useful links & downloads menu on the left.

Documentation packs
Documentation pack Inclusive documents Standard
Bronze pack Order acknowledgement (electronic) YES
Installation, Operating & Maintenance manual  
Declaration of conformity  
ATEX Declaration of conformity - only if contracted  
Silver pack
(includes bronze pack)
Standard pump GA drawing  
Hydrostatic test certificate  
Pump HQ performance test certificate  
Spare parts list commissioning  
Type 2.2 certificates (* pressure containing parts only) - only if contracted  
Gold pack
(includes silver pack)
Quality plan  
Progress reports (monthly)  
Spare parts list operating  
Customer specific pump GA drawing  
Pump SA & parts list  
Type 3.1 certificates (* pressure containing + process wetted parts only) -only if contracted  
Pump HQ performance test curve  
Certification databook  
Pump datasheet  
Motor type test certificate  
Motor GA drawing  
Motor datasheet  
Motor Declaration of conformity  
Motor ATEX Declaration of conformity  
Documentation format Hard copy YES
Electronic CD - Adobe (.pdf), ms office (.xls.doc)  

If one of our standard packages does not suit your application, we can tailor our quotation to match your exact requirements. We have a long history of producing customer specific Data books and can supply all our documentation in various electronic formats.

Call us on +44 (0)1394 462 120 to find out how we can create a package to match your specification.

* Pressure containing parts include; volute casing, seal housing & mechanical seal. Process wetted parts include additional shaft & impeller