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Industrial centrifugal process pumps

U Series - Industrial process pumps


Amarinth U Series industrial centrifugal pumps are designed and manufactured for a number of applications including condensate recovery, brewery processing, caustic transfer and water duties. The pumps are typically found in general industrial applications such a building services or breweries & distilling. U Series pumps are designed for low NPSH applications and all have independently verified, full ATEX compliance.

U Series close coupled general industrial centrifugal pump designed & manufactured by Amarinth to fully interchange with Girdlestone USM pump ranges.

The U Series general industrial pumps are designed to be fully interchangeable with a Girdlestone USM or URF pump. Amarinth's U Series pump has identical termination points (i.e. suction & discharge flange positions) to the Girdlestone equivalent pump meaning there are no issues changing pipework when you replace your existing pump. The U Series will simply slot straight in to the space left by the old pump.

Using modern computer aided design software the pumps are designed as a light to medium duty, minimal wear, long life pump. The original Girdlestone design has been in use for many decades and is a well proven, reliable workhorse. The Amarinth U Series replacement is aimed at customers who want the same reliability and minimum disruption when a new replacement is required for their existing Girdlestone pump.

To complete the package a full range of standard material options including cast iron, stainless steel and gunmetal are available to match your process fluid. Standard documentation packs including data sheets, material certification, installation & operating manuals are available to suit the application. Performance testing to BS EN 25199 / ISO 5199 and various NDE (non destructive examination) & NDT (non destructive testing) options are offered to ensure full compliance to our customer's specifications. Alternative bespoke packages can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

General description
A range of single stage centrifugal end suction pumps with tangential discharge manufactured in a variety of alloys. All pumps and individual components are fully interchangeable with the equivalent Girdlestone URF / USM series units.
Back pullout design with machined abutments
Design methodology
Advanced computer techniques including 3D modelling, FEA & CFD
Design standards
ATEX EC-Directive 94/9/EC (close coupled versions only)
Design pressure rating
10 bar g @ 20°C
Suction pressure rating
  • 6 bar g (long coupled)
  • 3.5 bar g (close coupled)
Temperature rating
  • -10°C to 200°C (long coupled)
  • -5°C to 120°C (close coupled)
Design temperature
150°C (standard construction)
Performance envelope
Flow rate
Up to 500m³/h
Differential head
Up to 165m
Up to 3600 rpm
  • Long coupled pump
  • Close coupled pump
  • Bareshaft pump
Frame sizes
050x040x159 to 150x125x274
Design life
15 years (2 years uninterrupted operation)

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