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Pump spares & service

Pump service and refurbishment

Amarinth staff have a wealth of experience in the pumping industry. In addition to manufacturing high quality centrifugal pumps, we offer services to help refurbish or upgrade your existing pumps - saving you time and money.

An old Girdlestone pump being refurbished by Amarinth.

Helping you get the most from your existing assets

Amarinth pumps are built for many years of trouble free operation. Sacrificial parts are designed to wear, which is dependant on the application, and our customers processes do change. We pride ourselves on helping our customers enhance their existing pump assets as an alternative to supplying a new pump for a new application. On many occasions we have saved our customers significant costs by modifying an existing pump. Our staff have years of experience in the pumping industry and are very familiar with the Girdlestone pump ranges in addition to our own range of pumps

Speak to our sales engineers who can advise on the most economic way for you to achieve your pump requirements. We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation alongside a price for a new unit should you require.

Site refurbishment and assessments

Most of our pump servicing is carried out at our manufacturing facility in Rendlesham, Suffolk. We will arrange delivery to and from site and can test your pump using our extensive test facilities if required. Alternatively, we can arrange for a qualified engineer to visit site and refurbish the unit to minimise your production down time.

We can also arrange for one of our engineers to visit your site and advise on problems you may be experiencing with your current process.

Before you replace your existing pump call us on +44 (0)1394 462 120 to find out if we can save you money by servicing or refurbishing it.