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Pump spares & service

Pump spares

Amarinth spare parts are high quality and available on fast lead-times. As Amarinth pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with the Girdlestone pump ranges we can supply competitively priced Amarinth spare parts to fit your existing Girdlestone pumps

A selection of Amarinth pump spare parts.

High quality, fast lead-times

Amarinth pump spares parts are available to meet your exact quality / certification requirements and are available in a range of materials. Many parts are available off the shelf and can be despatched overnight to minimise your production down time. Our staff have many years of experience and can help identify exactly what you need - even when the information you have is limited. Our spare parts are competitively priced and all carry a 12 month guarantee.

Order over the web on the Amarinth web site

Amarinth have invested heavily in our unique state-of the art web site, which not only allows our customers access to product information, but also provides restricted users access to the following information:

  • Prices for components
  • Lead-times / stock levels for components
  • Order tracking - check our manufacturing progress of your order 24 hours a day.

In addition you can place an order from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and it will load directly into our manufacturing system - streamlining the ordering process, making our deliveries fast and efficient.

If you would like to access these restricted services call our sales team on +44 (0)1394 462 120 or e-mail us at sales@amarinth.com

Find out about our other services

In addition to the supply of spare parts we work closely with our customers to help them operate more efficiently. Some of the services we offer are listed below:

  • Stock reduction - let us hold the stock & despatch to you within 24 hours
  • Spares interchangability - let us work out how to reduce your stock by identifying interchangeable parts
  • Refurbishment - our sales staff can identify existing parts that can be modified to save you money
  • Regeneration register - we hold details of parts our customers no longer need. Many of these parts are as new and we can offer these to our customers as an alternative, quick an low cost replacement whilst generating revenue for the company who currently owns the excess stock.

Call us on +44 (0)1394 462 120 to find out how we can help you mange your pump spare parts.